How to create a new Instant Answer

  1. Create an IA Page
  2. Follow the steps in "How to open a Pull Request"

How to report a bug

  1. Follow the steps in "How to create a GitHub issue"
  2. Add "Bug: " before the title

How to create a GitHub issue

  1. Visit the IA Page and clicking the "Create Issue" button.
  2. Add the issue description following the template


Divide the description into sections:

  • "Background", similar to the forum topic, explaining what the issue is and why it needs to be addressed that way
  • "To Do", a simple list of steps to follow in order to complete the task
  • "Forum", a paragraph containing a link to the Programming mission Overview topic and to the forum topic to which that issue belongs.


MDN JavaScript: Expressions and operators section

How to open a Pull Request

  1. Go to the GitHub repository for the Instant Answer type you're building and open a Pull Request to master against your working branch
  2. Fill in the Pull Request template
  3. Add the link to the IA Page
  4. Add the link to the forum topic for the specific project

How to open a Fathead Pull Request

  1. In your working branch, create a file listing all the basic methods, keywords and operators for your language and commit it (find more details in the docs: Creating Effective Fatheads)
  2. Follow the steps listed in "How to open a Pull Request"

How to tell if a Pull Request can be merged

A pull request is ready to be merged when it meets the following requirements:

  1. All the ToDos defined before opening it are done
  2. All the tests pass (e.g. coverage test for Fatheads, backend tests...)
  3. It's live on beta, has been manually tested very throughly by staff members or Language Leaders and it looks good
  4. It's an improvement compared to what we have live on

How to make a suggestion for a Language

Leave a reply in the Brainstorming topic for the language you're interested in. Here's a list of all the Brainstorming topics for all languages

How to get help

  • Leave a reply under the forum topic for the project you're working on
  • Send a private message to the Language Leader for your language on the forum or on Slack
  • Send a private message to a staff member (@maria, @moollaza or @tagawa) on the forum or on Slack
  • If you're not on Slack, request an invite to our Slack team.

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