Welcome to DuckDuckHack

We're a community dedicated to making DuckDuckGo the best search engine for programmers. We leverage 3rd party APIs, scrape external data sets, and write well-placed code to create what we call Instant Answers.

You can think of Instant Answers as "perfect search results." They resolve queries above any ads or regular search results. Millions of searches on DuckDuckGo trigger Instant Answers, like MDN Javascript and Regex Cheat Sheet.

Our Instant Answers are created and maintained by a community of open source developers around the world. Just like the Wikipedia community creates articles for topics – the DuckDuckHack community creates Instant Answers for searches!

Get Started

  1. Start by learning about how DuckDuckHack is Improving Programming Search Results. All of our current open source projects begin here.
  2. You'll want to join the DuckDuckHack Forum to connect and collaborate with the community. There you'll find a current project to join and start hacking.
  3. Use these docs and the community's support to help bring your own Instant Answer to life.
  4. Sign up for our dev list to get the latest DuckDuckHack news, contribution suggestions and programming tips.
  5. Become a leader and all-star contributor helping to change the world of search through community!

slack Ask questions on Slack or email us directly.

Create a New Instant Answer

For every search, there can be a great Instant Answer!

Get started by helping us with something programming-specific – we're aiming to have multiple Instant Answers for every programming language and framework. Begin in our forum.

Once you've oriented yourself in the forum, it's best to learn by exploring!

Learn by example! Read through the tutorials for Instant Answers we've built in the past. All of these are self-contained and will get you up and running.

Improve a Live Instant Answer

We welcome new contributors to dive in and improve live Instant Answers. It's a great, hands-on way to learn how things work!

  • Join the discussion in our forum about how we can improve Instant Answers for programmers.
  • Tackle some of the "low-hanging fruit" and, "high priority" issues listed in the forum.
  • Help other DuckDuckHackers with their Instant Answers in development.
  • Suggest improvements and file bugs for live Instant Answers through the, Create Issue button on each IA page

Get in Touch

Want help? Need to think out loud? There are several ways to get in touch with staff, leaders, and community members. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. Let us know if we can improve anything in these documents by opening issues directly on Github.

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