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Instant Answers use the Web's best data to solve searches in few or zero clicks. With your knowledge of the Web and a little bit of coding, DuckDuckGo can show the best possible result for the topics you care about most!

Instant Answers are created and maintained by a community of open source developers around the world so that millions of searches on DuckDuckGo (like who's in space? and tennis help) show a perfect result, above any ads or regular links. Just like the Wikipedia community creates articles for topics -- the DuckDuckHack community creates Instant Answers for searches!

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Create a New Instant Answer

Learn by exploring!

Learn by example! Read through the tutorials for Instant Answers we've built in the past. All of these are self-contained and will get you up and running.

Improve a Live Instant Answer

We welcome new contributors to dive in and improve live Instant Answers. It's a great, hands-on way to learn how things work!


Instant Answers allow you to create your own search results. Here are some examples of what contributors have created. You can see all live Instant Answers listed here.

Instant Answers can be quite dynamic...

...or simply convenient:

Some are just cool:

Many are absolutely delightful and unexpected:

Many are super practical...

...in ways we never imagined:

Some Instant Answers are built from pure code:

Other Instant Answers channel external sources (API requests):

App search Instant Answer example

The possibilities are endless. Our community's mission is to cover every topic with a community-generated Instant Answer.

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